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Advantages of Installing a Cedar Fence

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Choosing the proper fence material has a big impact on the space the fence encloses. Nowadays, our fence contractor in Wilmette provides tons of materials from which to choose. While each material is advantageous in its own way, cedar fencing has long been a popular option for many reasons.


Cedar fencing is especially known for its durability against all weather conditions. Chicago experiences extreme weather conditions, whether it be excess amounts of snow and ice in the winter or blistering heat in the dog days of summer. Cedar is a harder material compared to other wood types such as pine, making it more resistant to outdoor conditions. Cedar also has a lot of natural oils within it that makes it resistant to insect damage and rot.

Increases Visual Appeal

If you can’t quite picture what cedar looks like, it is a beautiful light brown color that makes a great addition to any backyard. It’s especially ideal if your house already features a lot of neutral colors. Our fence contractors in Wilmette recommend installing a cedar fence to achieve a rustic aesthetic in your backyard.

Choosing not to stain your cedar fence is a personal choice depending on the look you want to achieve in the long run. Unstained cedar fences will eventually turn into a gray color, which many people like. If you want the fence to remain a light brown color, we recommend staining it soon after installation.

You also don’t need to worry about warping or shrinking if you choose to install a cedar fence, as the material holds up well in all weather conditions. This ensures your fence’s planks will hold straight for years to come.

No Chemicals Required

If your family focuses on keeping things all-natural, cedar is a great fencing choice for you. It does not need to be chemically treated in any way. Many times, fences need a sealant in order to be durable enough to remain in good condition through various weather conditions. This is not the case for cedar fences. As a matter of fact, applying sealants to cedar fences is not recommended because it may disrupt the natural oils in the wood.

Cedar fencing may cost a bit more than other wood materials, but it is still one of the most affordable fencing materials on the market. If you have questions about the benefits of cedar fencing, our fence contractors near Wilmette are happy to answer them. Contact Top Line Fence today for all of your fencing needs!

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