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Before reaching out to your local fence company in Skokie, it is important to become educated on the different material options for building a residential fence. At Top Line Fence, we have a wide range of choices for your fence including: ornamental iron, wood, wrought iron, chain link, vinyl, iron railings, and many more. All options have different benefits and different weaknesses, making these decisions for your home difficult. To make the decision easier, you should focus on the budget, purpose, and maintenance certain materials require for your residential fence.


A budget is the first step in the process of having your local fence company begin building your residential fence in Skokie. Not all fences cost the same, so it is important to find one that fits your personal budget in addition to being aesthetically satisfying. Vinyl is generally the top choice in terms of popularity and affordance. If you are on a more limited budget, chain-link fences are very cost effective yet lack the same visual appeal as a lot of other fence materials. When you have set your budget, reach out to Top Line Fence to help you finalize your material decision.


Besides being attentive to your initial budget, keep in mind that certain materials require more maintenance than others down the line. Vinyl fences have low maintenance and cleaning involved whereas wrought iron, chain link, or wood fences suffer more damage throughout time.


Material choices may also vary depending on the purpose of having your local fence company in Skokie build this for your home. Reasons for fences vary between decoration, protection and privacy, and keeping children and pets in the house yard. Wood and vinyl are great options for privacy because the materials are opaque. Also, a smaller wood fence keeps children and pets in in a cost effective and safe way.

When you have a general idea of your desired budget, maintenance, and purpose, it is time to contact your local fence company in Skokie. Top Line Fencing has a great staff ready to help you get started today.

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