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How to Make your Fence Spooktacular This Halloween

Published on October 23rd, 2017

Wrought iron fences are aesthetically pleasing throughout the year, but they have a special lure during the month of October when neighborhoods transform into spooky streets. If you have a wrought iron fence in Chicago, incorporate it this Halloween with these décor ideas:

Ghosts Holding Hands

If your wrought iron fence in Chicago has tall posts, you can make ghosts out of alternating posts! All you need are Styrofoam balls, ribbon, white garbage bags, and safety pins. To make a ghost, first stick a Styrofoam ball at the top of the post for the head. Then, grab an all-white garbage bag to place over the Styrofoam ball and tie the bag right at the “neck” of the ghost. Repeat these steps on alternating posts equal distant from one another. Use the safety pins to pin the ends of the bags to the other ghosts- creating a cohesive hand holding effect. Use black paper to make two eyes for each head.

Graveyard Essentials

If your yard has a wrought iron fence in Chicago, you are already one step closer to transforming your yard into a graveyard! Obviously, adding tombstones will be essential. When you add tombstones to your yard, you can either go the DIY route or put premade ones at your local holiday store. For eye catching, creative graveyards, the DIY tombstones are typically more captivating to trick-or-treaters. Other easy ideas to incorporate on your graveyard fence includes spreading out cotton along the posts to create a spider-web look, adding caution tape to create a crime-scene, or laying fake bones throughout the graveyard.

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