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Chain link fences are a common sight in Chicago, but they are not always a pleasant sight. Chain link fences are some of the most durable, reliable fences money can buy. Nevertheless,  they are an investment that requires upkeep and care in order to last, just like any other kind of fence.

With maintenance, a chain link fence can look beautiful and like-new for many years after its installation. A few ways to care for your chain link fence in Chicago include protecting it from rust, performing annual washing, waxing, and oiling, and checking regularly for loose nails and other structural wear.


Chain link fences are tougher than most fences and typically require far less maintenance. However, a little love and care can ensure a chain link fence stays sturdy,  rust free, and lasts for many, many years

We see a lot of weather changes in Chicagoland –  wet springs turn into humid summers, and let’s not forget our extreme winters (It’s no wonder we have so many potholes in the city). A great way to protect your chain link fence in Chicago is by fighting the rust. Rust is caused by moisture, but by annually coating your chain link fence with a rust-resistant finish you can prevent rust damage.

Washing your chain link fence once or twice a year also helps extend the life of the metal, not to mention keeps it looking shiny and new. Where posts meet the ground is where you might notice most dirt accumulation. Use soapy water and a sponge to clean the areas thoroughly. After the fence has dried, be sure to wax and oil it, focusing on the hinges, joints, and springs. Oiling the fence hinges regularly will also ensure rust does not accumulate and damage the gate.

Finally, discourage climbing and sitting. The weight of a child, young adult, or dog will put pressure on the posts and can damage your fence. Do consistent checks for loose nails, hinges, screws, and bolts. Tighten, oil, or replace hardware as necessary in order to maintain the integrity of your chain link fence.

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When it comes to prolonging the life and beauty of a fence, maintenance is key. A chain link fence in Chicago is a common sight, but not everyone knows how to properly care for them and therefore we see many that have seen better days throughout the city. If you need help maintaining, repairing, or replacing your chain link fence, call Top Line Fence today. We can help you whether you need a repair or a replacement, and we will discuss all your options so we can find the perfect solution for you. Call today at 773-637-2122.

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