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What to Consider When Getting a Fence for Your Dog

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There are tons of benefits of utilizing our fence company in Skokie. Fences are a great addition to any yard, but they are especially helpful if you have a large dog that you’re trying to keep in an enclosed space. The last thing you want to worry about it letting your dog out to use the bathroom only to realize he or she ran away! This is an extremely stressful situation that fences can prevent. Here are some things to consider if you’re building a fence to contain your dog.

How High Can They Jump?

If your dog is on the smaller side, it’s likely they won’t be able to jump high enough to clear a fence that’s a standard height. However, if your dog is on the medium or larger side, you’ll want to install a fence that is at least five or six feet tall to ensure that even if they jump, they won’t be able to clear the fence. We’ve seen some owners add fence extensions as their dogs grow bigger, but this only teaches your dog to jump a little bit higher, so they can continue to clear the fence. The entire point of getting a fence for your dog is making sure they will stay in one area, so you want to make sure it is tall enough to keep them contained even at their biggest size.

Can They Climb It?

Don’t underestimate the athleticism of your dog and how high they can jump, especially with a running start. Even if you don’t consider your dog a jumper, depending on the fence material, they may be able to climb it. We suggest avoiding chain link fences as they provide your dog with built-in footholds on which to climb. Solid fence panels are suggested instead.

Privacy for Your Dog

Another reason our fence contractor in Skokie recommends solid paneling is so your dog can’t see what’s on the other side. If they can easily see things like birds, dogs and squirrels that aren’t in your yard, they may be tempted to chase them. It’s also helpful to other animals passing by, as they won’t be able to see your dog.

Choosing the right fence that suits the needs of your dog is an important decision in the long run. If you have questions about what height or material is best for your dog, contact our fence contractor in Skokie today!

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