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The Beauty of a Deck

Decks make a wonderful addition to any home. They provide extra space for entertaining and allow homeowners to better utilize their outdoor space during summer. They can greatly improve the overall look of any back or front yard. However, due to erosion and general wear and tear, decks, just like fences, require some maintenance in order to maintain their integrity. It is important to know how to properly care for your deck before investing in one.

When you are thinking of building a new deck, replacing an old one, or repairing an existing one, there are various tips and tricks you can follow to best maintain it. All decks require upkeep, and some materials require more than others, but no matter what kind of deck you have there are various things you can do that will make the maintenance process a lot easier.

Deck Maintenance

There are two main options when it comes to deck materials, wooden decks and composite. If you have a wooden deck you will need to clean it annually with a pressure washer. Use a solution of bleach and water, or an acid based deck cleaner, to kill fungus and bacteria that lead to rot, and remove stains. Be sure to rid the cracks and crevices of debris, such as leaves and dirt so mold and bacteria do not accumulate. Sweep the deck frequently.

Regularly inspect the deck structure. Look for broken or otherwise damaged boards, as well as nails that might need to be hammered back into place. Repairing small issues before they become big ones will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Wooden decks should also be stained and/or painted to protect the wood from moisture, mildew, and sun damage. Finally, sealing your deck will provide further protection against erosion and moisture, ensuring your deck lasts for many years to come.

A composite deck or a deck made of plastic lumber will undoubtedly be more resistant to weather damage, but you will still have to clean the deck in order to maintain its appearance and structure. Pressure wash it as you would a wooden deck. Use a composite deck cleaner afterwards to remove stains that weren’t removed with a simple power washing. Check your fence regularly for damage and loose screws. Sweep frequently to keep debris and dirt from accumulating, especially in the cracks between boards.

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