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Top Line Fence has been supplying  local residential and commercial property owners across Chicagoland with premium fence installations and unmatched customer service for over fifty years. As a family-run business, we put our focus on your needs. Whether you prefer a simple chain link fence for added security or a stunning ornamental Chicago iron fence to boost your company’s curb appeal, Top Line Fence has what you need. 

Made-to-Order Residential Fences

When it comes to protecting your home and building it into your dream house, Top Line Fence is with you every step of the way. Our residential fences are custom-made by our esteemed team of fencing contractors and tailored to your specifications, no matter your chosen material. Making sure you feel comfortable in your living space is important to us, so you can rest assured that your customized residential fence installation in Elmhurst will make you and your family feel safe, all the while adding extra charm to your home. 

Chain Link Fences

The security of your residence is an important factor to consider when you own a house. At Top Line Fence, we believe everyone is entitled to feel comfortable in the safety of their own home. That’s why we offer the homeowners of Elmhurst and the surrounding areas our premium line of chain link fences. Not only are these fences a cost-effective way to boost your home’s level of security, they are also reliable in the harsh and everchanging Chicago weather.

Wood Fences

Elmhurst is a city ripe with opportunities given its proximity to Chicago, but suburban living comes with its own difficulties. One challenge many residents face is how close the houses are to each other and how little privacy you have from the neighbors who are surrounding you on all sides. Top Line Fence has solved this issue with our specially crafted wood fences. This material is sturdy and allows for little peeking from outside sources. Not only that, our wood fences have a stunning stained finish that can easily be painted over if you prefer a more personalized look.

Vinyl Fences

The upkeep involved with a new fence can be a disadvantage to some potential buyers, but Top Line’s vinyl option is taking the Chicago area by storm. A vinyl fence is not only easy to care for, it is also economical and tolerant to the frigid Midwestern winters. There are many designs to choose from including our popular classic wood appearance that features far less hassle than a traditional wood fence. 

Ornamental Chicago Iron Fences

Are you proud of Chicago history? We are, and that’s why we offer a variety of gorgeous ornamental Chicago iron fences to our customers who are looking for a distinctive fence that can protect their home in style. Our specialized fencing contractors are greatly experienced in working with this impressive material, and will provide you with an exceptionally crafted fence that will both skyrocket your curb appeal and resale value while reducing the risk of unwanted intruders entering your property. 

Wrought Iron Fences

As one of the leading producers of wrought iron in the Chicago area, one of our most popular products is the highly sought after wrought iron fence. All of our materials are commercial grade which allows us to offer warranties that are twice as long as any other fence company in Elmhurst. However, what truly sets our wrought iron fences apart is their custom-tailored railings. When you choose wrought iron for your Top Line Fence, you are choosing beauty, endurance, and excellence. 

Security Enhancing Commercial Fences

Owning a business is difficult enough as it is, but when you have to constantly worry about trespassers invading your property, your job becomes much more stressful. This is where Top Line Fence comes in. At Top Line, we aim to supply you with a masterfully fashioned fence that will protect your business, your employees, and your customers, all the while amplifying your curb appeal to those who walk past your property each day. 

Chain Link Fences

Affordability and high quality safety precautions don’t often go hand in hand, but Top Line Fence has you covered when it comes to dependable, first-rate commercial chain link fencing. At Top Line Fence, we believe all business owners deserve a safe and secure establishment without having to break the bank. 

This is why we make sure that our chain link fences are worth the money you spend. Our sturdy chain link fences are unwavering in the face of brutal Chicago weather, and they also make your business look sleek, easily boosting your property’s curb appeal without you having to lift a finger. 

Perimeter Security Fencing

The safety of your business is important, and the investment of a perimeter security fence is a highly recommended start to protecting your property from unwanted guests. With your choice of barbed wire, razor ribbon, and wrought iron, you can customize your commercial fence in Elmhurst, IL. You will not only get a sturdy preventative measure against criminal activity, you will also receive a warranty, courtesy of our use of commercial grade materials, that is twice as long as the leading fencing retailer. 

Wire Fencing

We have two varieties of wire fencing here at Top Line: barbed wire and razor wire. With our barbed wire fences, you can expect a low-cost fencing option that is simple to position and perfect for reinforcing your business’s security. 

Our razor wire fences are just as reliable and pose an even greater threat to possible intruders infiltrating your property. This option provides such reliable security that razor wire fences are often used in carefully guarded military installations. Both of these types of fencing are long-lasting and durable – meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing them for many years. 

Indoor Security Fencing

When we think of securing our property, we typically focus on protecting the exterior of the building, however, indoor security is just as crucial. This is why we offer affordable indoor security fencing and wire security cages. Indoor fencing is beneficial to the world of business in many ways, such as storing dangerous tools and hardware or keeping prohibited parties from setting foot inside your place of business. Our wire partition enclosures are remarkably easy to install and can be customized by color and configuration.  

Wrought Iron Fences

Being one of the biggest producers of wrought iron in Chicagoland means we can offer the highest quality materials as your Elmhurst fence contractors. Wrought iron fences are one of our most popular models, and with their reputable level of security and fully customizable layout, it is easy to see why they are in such high demand. When you choose one of our wrought iron fences for elevated curb appeal and individuality for your business, you are setting yourself up for success.

Ornamental Chicago Iron Fences

The appearance of a commercial fence is often just as important as the level of security it provides, and you won’t have to pick and choose when it comes to our ornamental Chicago iron fences. Our fencing experts will create a gorgeous fence from your  specifications that will look amazing, withstand the test of time, and protect all that is important to you.

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Our family at Top Line Fence has proudly served the great residents and business owners of Elmhurst and the surrounding areas since 1972. When it comes to knowledge and experience, we have all the qualifications you are looking for in a professional fencing company, including:

  • Being named one of the largest installers of residential fences right here in Elmhurst
  • Earning respected  standing in the fencing world as one of the leading manufacturers of wrought iron in Chicago 
  • Having certification from the American Fence Association
  • Maintaining an unwavering dedication to building fences with only the best materials to ensure our customers can enjoy extended warranties on all of their products. 

If you’re looking for a fence that will boost the curb appeal, aesthetic, and security of your home or business property, look no further; Top Line Fence in Elmhurst is the fencing retailer for you.

To request your free quote, give us a call at 773-637-2122 or complete our online request form. We look forward to creating your ideal fence.

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