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How Can Fences Keep Animals Out?

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Utilizing our fence company in Skokie is a great way to ensure you and your family are getting high-quality fences. Installing a fence in your front or back yard is great for many reasons: improved privacy, increased security, keeping pets and children enclosed in one space. But fences are a great way to keep unwanted animals out of your yard as well. Especially if you have a garden, you are well-aware of the devastating effects animals like bunnies and woodchucks can have on your yard. Here’s how fences can help.

Using a Board

Animals usually like to get through your fence by entering at the base and squeezing between any openings. In order to prevent this, consider installing a horizontal board at the bottom base of your fence. To make it more visually appealing, our fence company in Skokie recommends choosing a board that will match the composition and color of your fence material. It’s also important that you make this board secure, otherwise animals will find a way to knock it out of place and still penetrate the fence’s barrier. To secure it, the board should be halfway above ground and halfway below ground, partially buried. This board method will keep out animals that don’t dig.

Rocks & Boulders

If your fence has a gap at any point that animals like to use as an entering point, consider using a rock or a boulder to block it. Not only is this a visually appealing option, but it is also effective in keeping animals out. You can also consider grouping multiple rocks together if the opening is larger, to create a rock garden. Using rocks or boulders is a great way to keep animals from entering through the breaks in your fence.

L-Shaped Footer

Animals that dig under fences often pose a larger threat to your lawns and gardens. To keep them out, install an L-shaped footer made from galvanized, welded wire mesh. This will extend underneath your fence, keeping out unwanted animals from digging.

Chicken Wire

A quick, inexpensive solution to fence gaps is chicken wire. It is flexible and efficient in closing smaller gaps, even gaps as small as one inch.

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