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While fencing is our speciality here at Top Line Fence, that’s not all our company is about. We are committed to the ideals of family, and since we are a family of second generation fencing contractors, we hope to make a difference in the lives of your family as well. 

Whether we custom build a  specialized vinyl fence for your home or fortify your business with a sleek,  clean-looking commercial chain link fence, we are here to protect your property in the most stylish ways possible. Top Line Fence has been providing high quality fences for Mount Prospect residents and business owners since 1972, and is here to help you with all of your fencing needs.

Charming, Customizable Residential Fences

For our homeowners in Mount Prospect and the surrounding areas, we offer a wide variety of residential fences perfect for any house in Illinois. We say that with confidence because you get to design your very own Top Line Fence for yourself! 

No matter what material you choose, our Mount Prospect fence experts will create an aesthetically pleasing fence built to your specifications that will serve to protect your property, raise its curb appeal, and provide a fence that gives your home the look you desire. 

Wood Fences

The “traditional fence” is often depicted as one crafted of wood, and Top Line understands the worldwide obsession with the material. Its sleek, natural look is perfect for any backyard and provides much-needed privacy to our friends living in suburban Mount Prospect. Our wood fences are also suitable for painting if you wish to add an extra touch of individuality to your home. 

Wrought Iron Fences

Speaking of popularity, our wrought iron fences are the most sought after product in our inventory. As one of the biggest wrought iron manufacturers in Chicago, we expertly mold our commercial grade wrought iron into works of art, with warranties extending twice as long as our competitors’. What really makes our wrought iron fence so special is the personalized touch you add during the design process. Customize your Top Line Fence to your needs, and we will have it installed in no time.

Vinyl Fences

No one wants to waste countless hours of their day caring for their fence in busy Chicagoland, which is why Top Line Fence offers a line of low-maintenance vinyl fences. Vinyl can have any appearance you want, including a beautiful wood grain finish, with a fraction of the upkeep required for other fences. Not only that, our vinyl fences are inexpensive and stand up to  Midwestern winters with ease.

Ornamental Chicago Iron Fences

You’ve heard of Chicago-style pizza, but have you ever heard of Chicago-style fencing? Here at Top Line Fence, we are embracing our roots with our ornamental Chicago iron fences, perfect for residential homes in Mount Prospect and beyond. These one-of-a-kind fences are sure to dazzle your neighbors and deter criminals from attempting to invade your property. Investing in a new ornamental Chicago iron fence is also a great way to quickly add resale value to your home. 

Chain Link Fences

At Top Line Fence, we believe that every homeowner should feel safe in their home. This is why we recommend our sturdy, cost-friendly chain link fences. These sleek, low maintenance fences will provide an added level of security to your home without breaking the bank.

Professional Commercial Fences

No matter what type of business you’re in, security is a crucial aspect that every business owner must consider. Each commercial fence in our catalog is constructed from only the finest materials, and whichever style you choose is sure to protect your property, your employees, and your customers. Additionally, installing  a Top Line Fence dramatically improves your curb appeal and helps your business get noticed. 

Ornamental Chicago Iron Fences

Like our residential ornamental Chicago iron fences, our commercial Chicago fences are crafted from the highest quality materials and will further increase the safety of your property. A new eye-catching Top Line Fence will draw customers into your business while protecting it from unwanted intruders at the same time. Every ornamental Chicago iron fence can be customized to your specifications, presenting you with an original, one-of-a-kind fence for your business. 

Wire Fencing

At Top Line Fence, we offer both barbed wire and razor ribbon options for our commercial wire fencing. With our barbed wire fences, you can rest assured that installation will be a piece of cake, and that we will leave you with a sturdy, yet inexpensive fence, suitable for surrounding your property and protecting against threats to your business. 

Our razor ribbon fences are equally as qualified for security purposes, if not  more so. Military facilities all across the United States use razor ribbon fences, so if safety is a concern for you, you might want to consider this option. Whichever wire option you choose, you will be investing in a durable fence that will help protect your property from potential criminal activity.

Indoor Security Fencing

Improving the safety of the outside of your property is crucial, but protecting the inside of your business is just as important. Top Line Fence offers installation of indoor security fencing and wire security cages for this exact purpose. Indoor fencing has multiple benefits, such as providing a safe storage place for dangerous equipment, and adding an extra security measure against prohibited personnel from entering portions of your facility. 

Our wire partition enclosures require little installation and can even be customized by shape and color. Top Line Fence believes your business is important, and our indoor security fencing is available to make sure what’s important doesn’t get taken away from you.

Perimeter Security Fencing

Protecting the outside of your property is a significant step to ensure criminals never enter your facility. We offer many options to customize your new perimeter security fence including your choice of barbed wire, razor ribbon, or wrought iron materials. Since we only use the best in commercial-grade materials, you will receive a warranty twice as long as what the other fencing companies offer. 

When you have one of our perimeter security fences installed in your facility, you can spend less time worrying about the safety of your business and more time turning a profit. 

Chain Link Fences

Having a new fence installed can be quite an investment, however, purchasing a chain link fence from Top Line Fence can greatly reduce the overall cost of your project. Due to its rigidity and longevity, chain link is an excellent material for use in Chicagoland, and can hold up during the long, frigid winters. We have several easy-to-care-for varieties to choose from, and each will give your business a stylish, clean appearance. With our high quality, safety-enhancing chain link fences, you don’t have to choose between affordability and security. 

Wrought Iron Fences

Our popular wrought iron fences are conveniently available for commercial use. Investing in a fence crafted from some of the best wrought iron in Chicago will not only protect your business, but also elevate your curb appeal and make your property look great. You can even customize your new wrought iron fence to make your business stand out from the crowd. 

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For over fifty years, Top Line Fence has been shielding the residents of Mount Prospect and the surrounding neighborhoods from the dangers lurking around their homes and businesses with beautiful, customizable fences. 

You can also relax, knowing that no matter what materials you choose, from wood, to vinyl, to aluminum fences, they are all  backed by our impressive warranty. Top Line Fence, your Mount Prospect fence company, is honored to be certified by the American Fence Association and is dedicated to creating the fence you have always dreamed of. 

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