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Driving around Winnetka or other areas of Chicagoland, you can’t help noticing the beautiful fences surrounding many homes, commercial establishments and public buildings. We’re proud to say that Top Line Fence, a family-owned concern that’s been serving Winnetka and other Chicago suburbs since 1972, constructed many of those.

The fences constructed by Top Line Fence provide both beauty and security to your property, and something setting our fences apart are the beautiful finials that our contractors can place on top of iron gates and fences, adding a truly classic style and touch that our customers love.

What are finials?

 You might ask, just what are finials, and where did they come from? The answer is that finials are architectural devices with a long history dating back hundreds of years. Originally, most were made of stone, and their purpose was to call attention to the top of a dome, spire, gable or wall of some imposing building or structure. Later many in Europe placed finials on their roofs to prevent witches from landing there. In China, leaders often wore finials on the tops of their hats during formal ceremonies.

Today, finials serve a largely decorative function, and that’s how Top Line Fence uses them, to add a touch of beauty and elegance to the fences we construct.

Finial Designs

Though small in size, repeated along the length of your fence and/or gate, finials can make a great impact on the overall style of the fence. And here are three of the most popular designs to consider.

  1. Renaissance – Often associated with French royalty, the Renaissance fleur de lis is the classic finial. An understated perineal favorite, the top can be either pointed or rounded.


  1. Gothic – With an arrow shape, Gothic finials let your fence make a dramatic statement. The arrows can have sharp or rounded points, and either way, Gothic finials give fences a handsome, serious, stately look.


  1. Contemporary – These finials are more abstract than the more familiar finial designs, and their shapes help coordinate an ornamental fence with the modern building it surrounds.

If you’re in Winnetka or another area of Chicagoland and have questions about the finial that’s best for your fence or gate, call Top Line Fence at 773-637-2122 and speak to one of our contractors, and let us add a classic, elegant touch to the fence that surrounds your property.

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