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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Installing a Fence

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Your fence – whether it be in your front yard or your backyard – is something that will play a big role in the rest of your time in your home. Fences can help your property feel more protected, secure and private. They are also a great way for you to keep your pets and kids in one safe area. But before you bite the bullet, make sure you contact our fence company in Evanston to ensure your fence turns out exactly how you want it to be. Whether you realize it or not, there are many variables that go into deciding on how your fence will turn out. Make sure to keep these questions in mind before you decide what fence is best for you and your family.

What Purpose is it Serving?

Have you recently gotten a dog? If so, keep in mind that he or she will only continue to get bigger, making it easier for them to jump the fence. Instead of starting off with a short fence and continuously making it higher, it is ideal to instead start off with a fence that is high enough that your dog cannot jump over. If the purpose of your fence is privacy, it is a good idea to make the fence high as well to keep unwanted eyes off of your property. Maybe you need a fence for your place of business; this would factor into what the fence’s height as well.

What Do You Want it to Look Like?

The material that you choose for your fence will play a big factor in how it looks. At our fence company in Evanston, you’ll be able to choose from materials like chain link, wrought iron, barbed wire, Chicago ornamental iron, vinyl, wood and more. Every material gives off a different aesthetic, and each material has specific pros and cons as well. Our fence company in Evanston always recommends that you pick a material that fits in well with the aesthetic of the rest of your home. If you need guidance, we can help you determine what material will best fit your needs.  

What is Your Budget?

Depending on the material and height that you choose, your fence will fluctuate on price. This is something to keep in mind before you decide on what your fence will look like.

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