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Taking Care of Ornamental Iron Fences

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Are you looking to invest in a new fence that brings a measure of elegance to your property, as well as security and durability? While any kind of fence can increase property value and lower the risk of burglary and vandalism, ornamental iron is a wonderful option that can be customized easily.

Ornamental iron fences are beautifully designed and last many years when properly cared for, but finding the right fence company in Skokie and the greater Chicagoland area that you can depend on to provide quality materials, reasonable pricing, upkeep and advice is difficult. That is where Top Line Fence comes in. You can depend on Top Line Fence when it comes to the fencing of all kinds, and we will work personally with you to customize your wrought iron fence to meet all of your style and security needs.

Caring For Your Ornamental Iron Fence

The best way to care for your ornamental iron fence is to protect it against rust and erosion. Make sure there are no plants growing up or around your fence that can damage the metal, such as scratching from branches or thorns. Use wax or water repellant to deter rust, and be sure to apply coats of fresh paint every year.

Be diligent about treating chipped areas by cleaning them with soap and water before using sandpaper, a fine wire brush, and/or steel wool to remove rust and paint over the areas once they are completely dry. Using a spray paint will help coat curves and sharp angles of your ornamental fence.

Be sure to clean the fence of grime and dirt when it accumulates. Use soap and water and soft brushes, like a toothbrush, to clean hard-to-reach areas. Finally, always do annual inspections for damage. Check the fence for rust spots, loose footings, hardware damage like joint and hinge wear, cracks, chipping paint, and so on. The sooner you find problems the faster they can be fixed and more damage can be prevented.

Your Fence Company in Skokie Illinois

If you are searching for a reliable fence company in Skokie, Illinois look no further than Top Line Fence. We will work personally with you to build the perfect fence for your property with quality materials and expert advice, as well as help you maintain your fence to keep it looking beautiful for years to come. You can’t go wrong with Top Line Fence. Receive a free quote when you call (773)-637-2122.

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