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Summertime is fleeting in Chicagoland, and that means most people like to spend as much time outdoors as they can. When daylight hours extend and the threat of frost disappears in favor of heat waves, it makes us want to get out of our houses, our stuffy offices, and simply enjoy the weather.

The concept of sitting outside on your patio or front porch can lose some of its appeal, however, if your wood fencing is falling apart around you. Broken boards, holes, splits and gaps can quickly ruin the privacy once afforded to you by a pristine wooden fence. Your cozy backyard can start to feel less like your home and more like a public park, making the concept of hosting an intimate barbecue for friends or sunbathing in the afternoon far less appealing.

Replacing Your Wooden Fence

Knowing when to replace your wooden fence will help you maintain your privacy and enhance your property’s value and appearance. There are many reasons to replace an existing wood fence, including environmental wear as well as damage caused by insects or by unanticipated accidents. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be wondering if repairing portions of the fence is wiser than replacing the entire fence.
If there are several damaged posts, severe warping, discoloration, or other significant issues that make it hard to decide whether or not the fence is worth fixing, it probably is better to start from scratch. Replacing your fence is going to cost you less in the long run than making frequent repairs to keep ahead of deterioration.
Avoiding the hassle of extensive repairs is not the only reason to consider replacing your wooden fence. Many fences that have begun to show wear and tear are relatively old. If you are interested in a style upgrade, replacing the fence gives you a great opportunity to choose a new design.

Fence Company Evanston

If you are thinking about tearing down your existing wood fence but are unsure whether doing so is the right choice, call on Top Line Fence. If you decide to replace your fence with a fresh, new design that allows for optimum privacy, fresh style, and versatility, you can rely on Top Line Fence to design the perfect fence to meet your needs.

When seeking an experienced fence company in Evanston, IL, look no further than Top Line Fence. Our knowledgeable team will listen to your needs and go over all the available options in order to guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us today for a free project quote at 773-637-2122.

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