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As winter comes to a close, people start to think of all the things they want to do to ready their homes for spring. From deep cleaning the interior of their homes to preparing their front and backyards for gardening and barbeques, there seem to be a million things to accomplish. In the midst of all the spring activity, plans for the yard just might include plans to build a new fence.

Fences are great additions to any property, commercial or residential. Not only do they increase curb appeal and property value, but they also help deter crime and vandalism. If you are looking for a fence contractor in Wilmette, Illinois, Top Line Fence is here to help. We guarantee satisfaction to all our customers and will help you select the type of fence that best fits your needs.

Finding a reliable fence contractor in Wilmette, Illinois is probably the most important step to building the best fence for your home or commercial property. Another important step is deciding when you want your fence installed.

The Best Time Of Year to Build

There are some differing opinions on when it is best to have a new fence installed. The most fitting time of year depends both on the buyer’s schedule and climate. Installing a fence in wintertime is extremely difficult because the ground is frozen which makes installing posts almost impossible. Installing in spring, summer, or fall is the wiser choice, though there are some further considerations.

In the spring the ground is softening with rising temperatures, perennial plants have yet to awaken,, and everyone is gearing up for summer with home improvements. This may seem like the best time to have a new fence installed, but in Illinois, springs are often wet and muddy. If the ground is too soft, this can inhibit proper placement of fence posts.The same problems can arise in the fall, especially in early fall. August and April are two of the wettest months in Illinois.

In conclusion, when you want to have your fence built, it is up to you with a few exceptions. At Top Line Fence we will work with you to choose the best time of year to fit your schedule (and the weather) to ensure your new fence turns out perfect.

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