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The biggest difference between your home’s backyard and a park is the privacy you have on your own property. Let’s face it, being outside is wonderful, especially during the spring and summer months when the sun is high and winter seems like a distant memory.

However, not all fences are alike, and if you want optimum privacy this summer you may need to rethink your fencing situation. That is where Top Line Fence comes in. Our company is one of the largest residential fence installation companies in Chicago. Top Line Fence will work with you to choose the fence that best suits your needs, style, and functionality preferences.

Best Fences for Optimum Privacy

There are all different types of fences. When you want a fence that is going to keep the neighbors from indulging their potential nosiness, as well as provide security and perhaps even increase your property value, it is important to look at all your options.

Vinyl fencing is a wonderful option for those looking to add more privacy and limit noise pollution without worrying about maintenance down the road. Vinyl fences are some of the most durable fences available. They offer a clean, crisp look that increases the beauty and sophistication of any property. If you run a business and are looking to bring some curb appeal as well as seclusion to the surrounding area, vinyl fencing is a great option offering ease of care and durability for years to come.

Wooden fencing is also a good choice. Classic, adaptable, and durable, wood fences provide a natural look that goes well with any style and, if well maintained, will look beautiful many years after installation. Unlike chain link and wrought iron fencing, wood fences can be built with or without space between posts. With a little extra height, your backyard paradise can be complete (and private) with just one call to Top Line Fence, your most trusted fence company for Park Ridge and the rest of the Chicagoland area.

Fence Company for Park Ridge and Chicagoland

When you decide it is time to add a bit more privacy to your home or commercial property, call on Top Line Fence. We will help you choose the best fencing material for your needs, as well as a design that makes your home or business feel like new again. Call 773-637-2122 today for a free quote.

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