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The Types of Wire Fence Coatings

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There are many advantages to hiring our fence company in Evanston to install a wire fence in your front or backyard. Not only are they affordable and trustworthy, but they are also very versatile in how they look, as it is easy to customize them to fit your needs and your aesthetic. But one factor that you may have not considered is the type of coating that should go over your wire fence in order to protect it from the elements. This is an important decision to make that will forever have an impact on your fence. Here are the options of the different types of wire fence coatings from which you can choose.

Class 1 Galvanized

Class 1 Galvanized coating is the most basic type of coating available on the market. It is galvanized because of a thin, protective layer of zinc that sits over the wire. While this coating is cheap and efficient, it may not be the best option for long-term fence protection. At a maximum, fences with these coatings will last 11 years, but they can last as little as two years if weather conditions are bad enough. If this coating is used in coastal areas, it may last an even shorter amount of time due to the saltwater in the air.

Class 3 Galvanized

Another zinc coating, Class 3 Galvanized coating uses a thicker .80 ounces of coating per square foot while Class 1 uses .28 ounces of zinc per square foot. It may be more expensive, but our fence company in Evanston thinks it is well worth the price, as it lasts anywhere from 13-30 years before it begins to rust.

Zinc-Aluminum (ZA)

This hybrid coating prevents rust for up to 30 years. It is a relatively new coating that uses less coating than Class 3 Galvanized coating and at a more affordable price.

ZA and Paint

Some people opt to have their Zinc-Aluminum coatings painted. Not only does this look more attractive aesthetically, but it can actually help your fence last longer as well. Black polymer paint can help protect against rust and corrosion and will protect your fence from the Midwest’s most extreme elements including sun, rain, snow and ice.


The most heavy-duty fence-coating material is vinyl. It is typically added to galvanized wire and it won’t crack when it’s bent. Black and green are the most common colors for vinyl.

If you have questions about which wire fence coating is right for you, contact our fence company in Evanston.

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