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Tips for Caring for Your Fence

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Fencing in Chicago is vast and varied. Every kind of fence can be seen throughout the city and surrounding suburbs, from wrought iron to wood and chain link. Fences provide security, deter crime and vandalism, and increase curb appeal and property value. Building fences in Chicagoland, an area with a fluid climate and frequent stark weather changes, is no easy feat. It is important when considering investing in a new fence to find a reliable fence company that knows how to properly install whichever type you choose, as well as teach you how to best care for it once the fence is in place.

How to Care for Your Fence

The tips and tricks for caring for your fence will depend on what sort of fence you have. Vinyl fencing require far less maintenance than wood, but there are undoubtedly certain things you should do in order to extend its life and integrity.

Vinyl fences gather grime, dirt, stains, and water marks over time, especially with Chicago’s ever-changing weather conditions. Thoroughly cleaning your fence will maintain its beauty and prevent mold growth. Use a pressure washer on hard to remove buildup, and/or a soft sponge or rag. Using soap and water is suitable, but using a solution of water and vinegar will offer a better cleaning.

Wood fences are more susceptible to moisture and changing weather conditions than vinyl. Pressure washing is a good method for cleaning your wood fence, and using a solution of bleach and water will help prevent bacteria growth which can lead to rot and mold. Regularly remove debris that gathers at the base of your fence. Be sure to inspect the fence regularly and immediately replace rusted nails and hammer protruding nails back into place. Replace broken or warped boards, and repair small gouges and holes with wood putty. Stain and seal the wood with protective coatings and paints annually or every couple years to protect against moisture.

Caring for metal fences, like chain link and wrought iron, is a little different than wood and vinyl. You should still clean your fence to protect it from deterioration with soap and water, but it is less about rot and mold and more about preventing rust. Do not allow debris to build up at the base of the fence. Be sure to use steel wool and rust cleaning products on existing rust before sanding the area smooth, wiping it clean, and then priming and painting with a sealant to prevent future rust, and use exterior paint suitable for metal surfaces on wrought iron. Any loose or damaged parts should be tended to immediately. Loose bolts and screws should be tightened. Hinges, joints, and springs on chain link fences should be coated with mineral oil after cleaning. Chipped paint on wrought iron fencing must be scraped and sanded before fresh paint is applied.

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