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Fences make a great addition to any property, commercial and residential alike. They increase curb appeal, property value, offer privacy, help deter crime, and provide security. In order to keep your fence in good condition, routine maintenance is necessary.

Whether you have a metal fence, such as wrought iron or chain link, wood, or vinyl, upkeep is essential to maintaining the integrity of your fence. Washing, painting, sanding, waxing, and oiling are all things that, depending on your fence, will help keep it looking beautiful and standing tall for years to come.

Fence Upkeep and Maintenance – How and When

Depending on the kind of fence you have, you may need to do yearly maintenance. Vinyl fences often require less upkeep than wooden or metal fences. The best way to maintain a vinyl fence is to clean it when necessary with a sponge and soapy water, or with a power washer. Mold and dirt can accumulate, dulling the paint and overall appearance of the fence.

Wood fences will require touch ups if the material has been painted. If not, a yearly coat of sealant or a protective stain should be applied to protect the wood against moisture and rot.

A metal fence, such as chain link, will require washing and oiling to keep the metal clean and prevent rust. Coatings that help prevent rust should be applied annually, and if there is any rust spotted it should be dealt with early on. Sand down rust spots with steel wool or a steel brush before washing the area and allowing it to dry. Afterwards, coat the metal with a protective finish.

These tips go for wrought iron, as well. Wrought iron needs to be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water, which often means using small tools and brushes to reach inside decorative bends and curves.
Hinges and joints in all fences should also be regularly investigated to prevent wear and tear on the rest of the fence.

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If you are looking for a reliable fence company in Skokie, Illinois, to build your new fence or assist in maintaining or repairing an existing one, call on Top Line Fence. We are a fence company catering to Skokie and the greater Chicagoland area, with reliable, experienced contractors who will work personally with you to ensure all your needs are met. Receive a free quote when you call 773-637-2122.

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