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Tips on Keeping Your Dog inside of Your Fence

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For many people, the motivation behind building a fence is to keep their dog contained into a safe area. Unfortunately, fences aren’t always efficient ways on their own to keep your dog in the desired space, as they see it as more of a challenge to conquer rather than a boundary that they need to follow. At Top Line Fence, our fence company in Skokie wants to provide you with the necessary tips and guidelines to help make your fence the most effective it can be in terms of keeping your dog safe from potential dangers.

Evaluate and Remove Escape Aids

Look at your backyard – do you have any stacks of firewood or have garbage cans along the outside of it? If the answer is yes, you’ll want to move those items to a different area of your back or front yard to ensure your dog can’t use them as a ladder to escape. You’d be surprised how much dogs love climbing, especially when they are motivated by a squirrel or a car that is passing by. Our fence company in Skokie recommends cutting down your dog’s view to the outside world by attaching reed fencing to the inside of your fence. Also, consider planting tall greenery or fast-growing vines to cut down in visibility.

Prevent them From Digging

If your dog can’t make it over your fence, chances are, they will try to make it under your fence at some point. Constantly filling in the same hole is going to get old very fast. The solution is to create an L-footer at the base of your fence to prevent them from digging and unroll it along with your fence. One portion of the filling will lay flat against the ground while the rest will be attached to the bottom of your fence. This is an effective way to cut down on digging and provide you with peace of mind.

Create an Environment They’ll Love

Instead of your backyard being associated with unhappiness, make it a place that your dog wants to go. Our fence company in Skokie recommends filling it with toys or treats that will get your dog excited. If you have the time, play with your dog to ensure they get their necessary exercise.

Do you have questions or recommendations about how to make your fence effective in keeping your dog in place? Contact our fence company in Skokie with more recommendations!

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