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Top Causes of Fence Rot

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When you invest in a fence, you want to do everything in your power to keep it looking like new. Unfortunately, Mother Nature takes a toll on your fence in more ways than one, especially if you have a wooden fence. It is important that you are aware of the potential problems that accompany installing a wooden fence on your property as well as educate yourself on how to best prevent them. Through our years of experience, our fence contractor in Park Ridge is knowledgeable about how to best take care of your wooden fence. Keep these tips in mind to avoid fence rot.

First of All, What is It?

Fence rot occurs because of exposure to the environment. In a city like Chicago, all of the seasons are pretty extreme, which can take a toll on your fence. Fence rot occurs when the wood in your fence starts deteriorating and it can lead to your fence collapsing if left untreated. The two primary types of wood rot are dry rot and wet rot.

  • Wet rot: This type of rot is the most common and it occurs when there is too much moisture on the wood. As you can imagine, this type of rot typically occurs at the base of the fence where the moisture is the most prominent. Many times, early stages of wood rot come in the form of fungus.
  • Dry rot: If your fence is exposed to harsh and sunny circumstances, this can also dry out the wood.

Can it Be Prevented?

In order to prevent fence rot, our fence contractor in Park Ridge wants to make you aware of the different risks involved. What type of wood is your fence made from? Certain wood choices such as juniper and cedar typically have a longer lifespan than rot-susceptible woods such as pine and tamarack.

If your wood fence is already installed, make sure that you stain it at and apply a protective sealant to keep moisture out. This should be completed at least once a year for best results. Cleaning your fence and checking for rot is also beneficial, as you’ll be able to stop developing problems in their tracks.

If you are interested in getting a wooden fence or you have questions about how to properly stain and seal your fence, don’t hesitate to contact our fence contractor in Park Ridge today!

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