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Understanding a Cross Fence

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In the heart of the city of Chicago, there isn’t a ton of green space. Concrete and buildings take up most of the land. However, in other parts of the state of Illinois, there are farms and other large areas of green space that require a fence to separate land or to keep cattle in place. Cross fencing is a term that refers to strategically dividing up land or property using fencing. Cross fences are typically used to outline the perimeter of a specific property. One major benefit of cross fencing is its ability to be flexible if need be. However, they can also be permanent when they need to be as well. Contact our fence company in Evanston if you have questions about cross fencing or you’re in need of installing a cross fence on your property.

Helps Contain Livestock

Some livestock such as sheep, pigs and chickens need to be properly divided in order to coexist civilly. It is also ideal to keep animals out of specific parts of land including soggy areas or areas that are utilized for farming purposes. Cross fences are the perfect way to keep animals in a certain area of land. Depending on the animal, it is also important to make sure the fence has tight enough openings that animals cannot squeeze through and escape. If you have questions about what fence material is ideal for a cross fence, feel free to ask our fence company in Evanston.

Both Portable and Permanent

With time, you may find that your fencing needs change. This could be a result of a change in livestock or a change in the perimeter of your land. If you foresee your fencing needs changing, our fence company in Evanston recommends installing a cross fence that is strung with multiple wires rather than permanent posts and heavy steel wires. It is not impossible to change a cross fence that was placed with the goal of being permanent, but it is significantly more difficult. You should also keep in mind certain features on your land including trees or creeks.

If you own a lot of land and you need a simple way to make sure both your land and your cattle stays safe, a cross fence is a great option for you. Contact Top Line Fence, a fence company in Evanston and the greater Chicagoland area if you need a cross fence. 

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