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What is PVC Fencing?

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PVC is the type of vinyl that is used exclusively for fences. PVC fencing is one of the most durable varieties of fencing. It is resistant to decay and does not splinter or break easily, neither is it susceptible to rust. PVC fencing is incredibly long lasting, does not absorb moisture like wood fencing and is therefore more tolerant of changing weather conditions. It is a clean style of fencing that looks good in almost any neighborhood or on any property, commercial and residential alike.

Since PVC fencing is so tolerant and durable, it is very popular throughout Chicagoland. If you are interested in having a PVC fence installed on your property you will need to find a fence company you can rely on. Top Line Fence is an experienced fence company that has been catering to Wilmette, Illinois and the greater Chicagoland area since 1972. We know what it takes to properly install a vinyl fence and how to take care of it once the job is done. Receive a free quote when you call 773-637-2122 today.

The Perks of PVC

Aside from durability, minimal maintenance, and a clean, sophisticated look, PVC fencing brings a lot to the table as far as fencing is concerned. Vinyl fencing can provide you with a natural look similar to wood fencing, without all the hassle and maintenance. It is just as customizable as other types of fences. Factors like height, length, structure, and layout can all be adjusted to meet your needs and style. Whether you want a six foot tall fence that provides optimum privacy, or a picket fence designed to add charm and security to your home, PVC fencing provides every option available.

Vinyl fencing is stronger than wood and stands up to rain, wind, snow, hail, steady sun, and various other harsh weather conditions much more readily than wood or even metal fencing does. PVC fencing will not rust like wrought iron or chain link, and it is also resistant to bugs so you do not have to worry about carpenter ants, termites, or other kinds of insects ruining your fence. You will not have to concern yourself with staining, painting, or sealing a vinyl fence either. Washing with a pressure washer, or a rag accompanied by soap and water, from time to time to remove dirt is sufficient to keep the fence looking like new.

Fence Company Wilmette

If you are in the market for a new fence or you are hoping to replace your old one with PVC, and you live in the Wilmette area, contact Top Line Fence today. We will help you design and install your new vinyl fence using only the best, commercial grade materials. We will work with you to create the perfect layout and structure for your property and personal taste. Call us today at 773-637-2122 and receive a free quote.

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