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Wooden Fence Care Tips

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Once you have a fence installed by our fence company in Chicago, the work doesn’t end. You’ll need to make sure to keep up with regular maintenance so that you can get the most life out of your fence. Neglecting the care of your fence will likely cause it to crumble because of the constant exposure to the elements.  Here are some tips that will help you get the most life out of your wooden fence.

Prevent Termite and Wood Rot

It’s no secret that termites love wood. It’s impossible to keep all termites away from your wooden fence, but you can do your best to keep them at bay. Moist ground will also take a toll on your wooden panels. Your fence likely comes treated with pressure and chemicals, but that only lasts for a certain amount of time. Make sure that you keep up with wood protection treatments to help keep termites away.

Another way that you can keep termites away is by using metal fence posts. These posts will blend in with the rest of your fence. You can also use metal anchors or metal caps to help protect the portion of your fence that goes underground. These measures will extend the life of your fence for years to come.

Keep the Wood Painted or Stained

Our fence company in Chicago also recommends that you keep your wooden fence painted or stained. The manufacturer will provide an initial treatment that will last for roughly a year, but you should treat your wood on your own as time goes on. Make sure that you pick a consistent stain color every time you use it because otherwise, it will create a patchy appearance throughout your fence.

Power Washers are Your Friend

The weather can take a toll on your fence and cause it to accumulate dirt or old paint. Don’t rely on a hand scraper or a sponge to get your fence looking like new. Power washers also remove the outermost layer of damaged wood if it is grey or faded. After all of the debris is removed from your fence, you should stain or paint the new exterior to keep it protected.

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