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4 Fence Terms You Never Knew

Published on August 22nd, 2017

If you contract a company to build a wrought iron fence in Chicago, you may want to understand some of their vocabulary when it comes to the design of the fence. Here is a small glossary of fence terms for your benefit:


Pickets are the vertical pieces that make up much of the appearance of your fence. They are essentially the smaller vertical posts that give your fence support. The horizontal posts are welded on to these vertical pickets when you use wrought iron materials.


Finials are the classic decorative feature on top of wrought iron pickets. They are the decorative, pointed piece to give your wrought iron fence an iconic look. For a wrought iron fence in Chicago with beautiful finials, contact Top Line Fence.


The rails are the horizontal pieces of a fence that the pickets pass through. They are the backbone of the fence, connecting the pickets and your gate throughout the fence’s frame.

Post Cap

A post cap goes on top of the posts. The posts are the thicker rods on fence. A post cap can be rounded for decoration, but it’s essential function is to help prevent water or debris from building up in the post. Some post caps are more flat or standard.

For more information on a wrought iron fence in Chicago, contact Top Line Fence. We can build a custom wrought iron fence perfectly tailored to your needs!

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