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Fence FAQ


Your fence panels have been factory primed and painted. Even on a new fence, rust is common at the welding joint areas. Your installer will leave you a can of touch-up paint. Wipe the area clean and spray.


The locks are outside and face many extreme weather conditions. To prevent freezing in the winter, WD-4D Spray will help. A lock that has been forced open or broken due to vandalism is not covered under warranty.

Locks are warranted for 90 days.


We are using Western Red Cedar from the Pacific Northwest. This year we are getting lumber from trees that are approximately 60 years old. Your lumber will vary in color from board to board.

Spacing & Cracks:

Cedar is porous and checking for splits is common. This does not affect the strength of the board. As the lumber ages, shrinkage will occur. Caulking around wood fence posts at the concrete will keep water out of the post hole.

Dead Bolt Locks are not installed on Wood Fences:

The hardware used can accommodate a padlock.

Underground Cable & Pipe:

We will contact the utilities for the location of buried cable and pipe. Leave any spraypainted marks, plastic flags or wooden stakes placed by the utilities until the fence has been finished. All wiring, cables, piping, sprinkler systems, gas Bar-B-Q’s, swimming pool lines etc. not installed by a utility company must be marked by the homeowner. We are not responsible for these lines.

Plat of Survey:

This survey will tell us where the property lines are located. You are responsible to furnish us with the survey, or you must locate the line for us.


Customers are responsible for obtaining the permit if one is required.

We Do Not Haul Away Dirt From Holes:

If you would like the dirt stacked in an area, we will do it for you.

Fence Lines:

The homeowner must clear trees, shrubs, and plants that are in the fence line. We will not be responsible for plant damage.


During prime fence season, it’s normal to expect the installation to begin 4-6 weeks from the time of order. You will receive a call from the Scheduling Department with the date your posts will go in. Installing your fence is a two-rip process. One day for the posts and another for the finish crew. Depending on the type of fence, generally, the time between the post setting and finishing crew coming back is 2 to 7 days.

We must have access to water and electric.

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