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Fencing in Skokie, IL ranges from chain link and wood fencing to ornamental iron and security style fences. Every variety is best suited for different purposes and tastes, but no matter what type of fence you choose, you will benefit from better security, more privacy, and increased property value and curb appeal when you invest in a new fence.

If you are interested in having a fence installed on your residential or commercial property in Skokie, Illinois, reach out to Top Line Fence. Since 1972 our professional fence contractors have been providing residents of Chicagoland with expert fence installations and custom designs that meet their needs, budget, and style preferences.

Our Fencing Options

Security Fences in Skokie, IL

At Top Line Fence, we are dedicated to helping you increase security around your home or commercial property by offering a variety of security fencing options. Our fence contractors in Skokie specialize in a number of different security fence installations, including chain link, vinyl, wrought iron, and more.

With our premier service and commercial-grade materials, you can have a fence that offers both high security and aesthetic appeal. Our team specializes in turning all types of elaborate fencing plans into reality, including those which offer optimal protection and privacy.

We offer some of the best security fencing options in the Skokie area. We are experienced in designing and installing fences that include controlled access doors and security detailing, like razor ribbon and barbed wire. We also provide tall-perimeter security fencing installations that are effective at keeping out intruders.

Cost-Effective Security

Top Line Fence provides cost-effective security measures through fencing installation. It’s not always necessary to purchase thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment to secure your property. Sometimes, something as simple as installing a high-quality security fence is all you need to establish the privacy and safety you want for your property.

Our fence contractors will help you select the material and any additional features that will provide the desired level of security for your home or business. If at any time you require assistance with fence maintenance or repairs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

When security is of the utmost importance, reach out to our Skokie fence company today and request a free quote!

Wood Fences in Skokie, IL

Wood fencing is a popular choice throughout Illinois. Wood fences are durable and long lasting, they increase both privacy and curb appeal, and offer a natural, timeless look. Additionally, you get endless customization options, as wood fencing offers you versatility in height, style, color, and more.

Chain Link Fencing in Skokie, IL

Chain link fences are a reliable fencing solution for any property. They offer security, durability, and are easy to maintain. If you are interested in chain link fencing in Skokie, IL, the team at Top Line Fence can help!

Ornamental Iron in Skokie, IL

Ornamental iron is an elegant yet durable fencing option that increases curb appeal and privacy. Ornamental iron can be customized to reflect your style preferences. It is also a great option for those looking to increase security at their home or business, as well as change or improve the overall look of their property.

Vinyl Fencing in Skokie, IL

Vinyl fencing is a wonderful option for customers looking for an affordable yet attractive fencing solution. Vinyl offers plenty of security and aesthetic appeal, and is known for being easy to clean and maintain. If you are interested in a vinyl fence for your Skokie home or business, look no further than Top Line Fence.

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If you are looking for top-quality fence installation and design in Skokie, IL, contact us at Top Line Fence today. With our experience, commercial-grade materials, and established reputation for excellence, you can rest assured that you will benefit from superior fencing services.

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