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Top Line Fence is more than just a fence company—we’re a family. For two generations now, we have been dedicating our family to the satisfaction and well-being of your family, one carefully crafted fence at a time. Since 1972, our Winnetka location has allowed us to cater to the fencing needs of families and businesses all across Chicagoland.

Custom-Built Residential Fences

The key focus of our line of residential fences is the improvement of your home’s curb appeal, value, and security. Your home is important to us. Purchasing such a fundamental property is a hefty investment, and we want to make sure you get your money’s worth by protecting your residence while adding a major selling point to your front yard at the same time. No matter what material or style you choose, our Top Line Fence is sure to install the fencing system of your dreams. 

Wood Fences

Though living in Winnetka can be exciting with its abundance of cultural activities and a bustling food scene, it can also be difficult to find some much-needed peace and quiet. With a solid wood fence surrounding your backyard, you can finally have the privacy you desire. 

The all-natural stain of our wooden planks is attractive as is, or you can opt to paint your fence for a more individualized look. No matter how you slice it, our commercial-grade wood fences are an excellent addition to any outdoor living space. 

Wrought Iron Fences

One of our most requested items is our top-grade wrought iron fence. Like all of our construction materials, our wrought iron is commercial grade and allows us to extend warranties twice as long as the average fencing retailer. 

Thankfully for you and your family, there is nothing average about our stylish and high in demand wrought iron fences with their unique, full-customizable railings. You can even create an original fence that matches your residence’s aesthetic to a tee. Our wrought iron fences are also available for commercial use. 

Vinyl Fences

As with anything else in the world, particular types of fencing may come with some downfalls. For instance, although many homeowners love the natural look of traditional wood fencing, they prefer alternatives because of the upkeep it requires. 

With Top Line’s vinyl fencing, however, they don’t have to sacrifice the appearance they love for the low maintenance they desire. Vinyl fences have many decorative options, including the appearance of wood, without any of the added maintenance. 

Just like our wrought iron fences, you can completely tailor the look of your vinyl fence to create exactly what you are looking for. Not only is this popular option affordable, the durability of vinyl is perfect for withstanding harsh Midwestern winters.

Ornamental Chicago Iron Fences

When you’re looking for a gorgeous yet fully functional fence, our ornamental Chicago iron fence is the way to go. Add a unique Chicago-style touch to your home all while protecting it from potential invaders and increasing the resale value of your house all at the same time. Top Line’s experienced fencing contractors are well-versed in the technique behind the unmatched material of ornamental Chicago iron, resulting in remarkably crafted fences built to last.

Chain Link Fences

For many homeowners, the cost of a new fence can be the deciding factor in whether or not to invest in one. Top Line’s chain link fences, however, are an excellent way to obtain a new fence without breaking the bank. 

Our chain link fences are easy to take care of and incredibly durable when it comes to the bitter Winnetka winters. We can even supplement your new chain link fence with barbed wire for added security.

Safety-Enhancing Commercial Fences

Whether it comes to defending your home or protecting your business, Top Line Fence is here for you. Our commercial fences are built from only the finest materials to ensure your business is not only safe for your coworkers and customers, but it also looks great while doing it. Once potential customers see your personalized Top Line Fence, they will know they are doing business with a company who cares about what’s important. 

Ornamental Chicago Iron Fences

Our commercial ornamental Chicago iron fences are a great option for businesses wishing for an elevated curb appeal, upscale aesthetic, and level of safety for their place of operation. At Top Line Fence, our knowledgeable staff will tailor your ornamental fence to your specific needs, making sure you’re getting exactly what you want when you decide to invest in one of these iron masterpieces. The other businesses on the block won’t believe your stunning new Top Line Fence is also an added safety measure!

Wire Fencing

The wire fencing here at Top Line Fence is available in two options: barbed wire and razor ribbon. Our barbed wire fences feature sharp, spiked coils of wire, primarily used either as a safety measure for your property, inexpensive fencing, or as a tool for shepherding animals. It is remarkably easy to install and causes fewer injuries to those who graze against its pointed barbs than our razor ribbon fences. 

Razor ribbon fences, which include galvanized steel blades that are difficult to cut with tools, are typically best-suited for protecting high-security operations, such as military facilities. Both options last for great periods of time, making them an excellent choice for protecting whatever is important to you. 

Indoor Security Fencing

The inside of your business needs protection just as much as the outside, which is why Top Line Fence provides the low-cost service of installing indoor security fencing and wire security cages. Indoor fencing can serve many uses, such as storing sensitive equipment and preventing unauthorized personnel from entering your facility. 

Our wire partition enclosures are easy to install, and the colors and size can be customized to fit the aesthetic of your business. Top Line Fence is here to secure your property and prevent theft, security breaches, and other crimes that put you and your business at risk.

Perimeter Security Fencing

Fortifying your property with a perimeter security fence is a highly recommended step when it comes to your business’s safety measures. We customize your security fence to the exact specifications you request, and you have your choice of barbed wire, razor ribbon, and wrought iron. 

No matter the choice, all of our materials are commercial-grade and provide you with a warranty twice as long as what the competitors offer. Top Line Fence’s perimeter security fencing is sure to ward off any unwelcome guests to your property. 

Chain Link Fences

Protecting your business is a must, but sometimes the cost of added safety measures can affect your decision to supply your property with the security it needs. With Top Line’s commercial chain link fences, you don’t have to worry about paying outrageous prices or having to settle for a lower standard of quality or safety. 

Not only that, but our chain link fences are heavy-duty enough to withstand the frigid Winnetka weather, all while providing your business with a clean look that boosts your professionalism and curb appeal. We have several varieties of low-maintenance chain link to choose from so you can determine the best fit for your property. 

Wrought Iron Fences

As one of the largest wrought iron fabricators in Winnetka, IL, Top Line Fence offers some of the best and most popular commercial wrought iron fences in the area. Not only do we work with the highest quality of materials, we let you completely customize an original design to meet your needs. Our wrought iron fences build a reliable sense of safety around your property, all while increasing your curb appeal to potential customers and making your business stand out amongst the rest.

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Equipped with our team of skilled, licensed fencing contractors, Top Line Fence has been supplying the Winnetka area with low-cost, high-quality fences for over fifty years. We are not only one of the largest wrought iron manufacturers in the Winnetka area, but we are also one of the most sizable installers of residential fences in the area. 

We are officially certified by the American Fence Association and, whether you’d like your Top Line Fence to remain indoors or protect your property from the outside, we guarantee we will find the perfect product that satisfies your need for both stability and charm.

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