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Wrought Iron Fences – Chicago, IL

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Are you looking for a reliable fence installation service? At Top Line Fence, we offer a variety of services, which includes wrought iron railings in Chicago. We take pride in offering our clients the highest quality services performed by certified staff members, along with the beautiful wrought iron materials they can rely on. We are also certified by the American Fence Association. We guarantee you will only receive top-notch service and products when you request a wrought iron railing. We stand for top-of-the-line work and have since 1972!

What We Do

While we offer a number of materials to choose from for your fence, one of our highest requested materials is wrought iron. Wrought Iron is among the most relied upon and frequently used fencing materials around. We use only commercial grade fencing, enabling us to offer warranties that last twice as long as our competitors. If you’d prefer wrought iron railings in Chicago, you can request one from us and trust that you’re in good hands. We will not only meet with you to provide a free estimate for your fencing project, but plan out the design and otherwise assist you throughout the project for every step of the way. We are happy to answer any question you have and do our best to provide you with a beautiful, high-quality, finished fence.

Create a Custom Design

 Perhaps one of the best reasons to choose us for your wrought iron railings in Chicago is you are able to fully customize the look of your railings. We will work with you to design a fence that will best complement the rest of the decor around your home or business. While we offer a number of stock options you can get installed as soon as you need it, we can also build custom fencing that will best suit your needs. This may take a longer period of time, but it will produce the overall effect you’ve been looking for. The choice is entirely yours.

We Serve Residential and Commercial Customers

Wrought iron railings can have many uses in Chicago. Whether you want something decorative that improves the curb appeal for your home or business, or you simply want to add a safety feature, a wrought iron fence you will be able to satisfy your needs with a touch of elegance. When you add wrought iron to your business, it will add to the aesthetic appeal of your business, helping you bring in more customers.
We use only commercial-grade fence materials, including our wrought iron railings, allowing us to offer a warranty that lasts longer than our competitors. If you are considering adding the beauty and value of wrought iron railings in Chicago to your home or business, contact us. We will provide a quote to let you know just how much this project will cost you.

All of our wrought iron fences are installed with commercial grade fencing material which enables us warranties for our fences twice as long as our competition’s applications.

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