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Unlike window screens that keep bugs and debris out, window guards are designed to protect the inside of your home. Window guards ensure that no accidental falls happen from any open window in your home. Small children are prone to exploring may bring them to the edge of an open window, to keep them safe install window guards on any accessible frames. Contact Top Line Fence today to get window guards installed on your home.

What are Window Guards?

Window guards are typically made from metal or aluminum grates that are set no more than four inches apart. These grates are adjustable and can be removed or opened incase of an emergency. Window guards can be fitted to any type of window and are screwed into the window frame. Window guards can also be made in a variety of colors so you will not have to worry about it standing out against your original window frame. Our professionals at Top Line Fence can help you with your window guard installation today.

Do I Need Window Guards?

It is best to install window guards in any household where children under the age of 10 live or often visit. Locations in your home where children spend the most time, should have window guards installed.

Many times kids learn by watching and copy what they see, so if you are regularly opening windows in front of your child they may feel the need to experiment with the action also. Window guards can protect your kids from any accidents that might occur from their curiosity. In some cities window guards have even become a requirement on all homes. Contact our fence company in Chicago to ensure you and your family’s safety.

How Do They Work?

A window guard is a series of aluminum or metal bars that are placed to obscure the opening of a window. The grate protects you and your loved ones from falling out of an open window. Window guards differ from security guards because they are not fixed in place and can be opened or removed if an emergency was to occur. Window guards work to keep you safe from many accidents that can happen near an open window.

Why Should I Invest?

You cannot rely on your window screen alone to protect your child from falling out. If you have a curious little one window guards can be a great investment for you. Don’t wait until it is too late, contact Top Line Fence today!

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