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Professionally Installed Vinyl Fencing in Chicago, IL

A Unique & Practical Fencing Choice

Many homeowners love the look of a wooden fence but prefer a fence that doesn’t require as much maintenance. Fortunately, vinyl fencing is a low-maintenance solution that offers aesthetic appeal, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful fence without the need for frequent upkeep.

A Vast Array of Options

At Top Line Fence, we provide an extensive variety of styles available for vinyl fence installation in Chicago. Fences manufactured from vinyl appear almost identical to many of the most attractive wooden fence styles available.

Additionally, vinyl fences allow you to enjoy an aesthetically attractive fence without worrying about the requisite care of a wood fence. In fact, you’ll never need to paint your fence unless you want to change its color.

Fully Customizable Fencing Solutions

Installing a new fence automatically increases the aesthetic appeal of your home or business. Whether you are looking to sell your home, redefine your outdoor space, or attract customers to your business. Depending on the purpose of your fence installation, vinyl can be fully customized to meet your needs, providing your home or business with the beautiful look you’ve always wanted.

Quality Materials, Expert Craftsmanship

All of our vinyl fences are installed using commercial-grade fencing materials, which allows us to offer warranties that are twice as long as those offered by our competitors.

A vinyl fence has particular benefits that make it an excellent choice to stand the test of time, easily withstanding our harsh Midwestern weather conditions. Consider these proven benefits of vinyl fences:


Did you know vinyl is actually 5 times stronger than wood? That is no small difference. On top of that, vinyl is water resistant, which means it won’t rot or peel like wood. Wood is extremely susceptible to water damage which can lead to big problems.

Ease of Maintenance

If you’re a homeowner who prefers minimal maintenance for your fence, vinyl may be the perfect material for you. Vinyl requires very little upkeep, so once it’s installed, you can simply forget about it. If you do feel the need to give it a clean, a bit of soap and a garden hose will be enough to make it look brand new. Unlike wood, you won’t have to worry about repainting because vinyl retains its color.

Cost Effective Options

Vinyl is an incredibly cost-effective option. It’s more affordable than wrought iron fencing and often less expensive than some types of wood. However, regardless of the initial price, you can rest assured that vinyl is a wise investment due to its durability and negligible maintenance demands.


The combination of strength and flexibility is what makes vinyl fencing so durable. With the unpredictable winters in Chicago, you need a material that can withstand the elements. The flexibility of vinyl allows it to stay standing through harsh conditions.

Expert Vinyl Fence Repair in Chicago

While vinyl fencing is undoubtedly one of the finest quality fence materials available when it comes to durability, there are circumstances when fence repair services may be needed. If that occurs, you can trust our skilled fence contractors to provide the same high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship we provide to all our customers.

Reach Out to Top Line Fence

If you’re looking for a trusted Chicago vinyl fence company to provide high-quality vinyl fence options for your home or business, we invite you to contact our team at Top Line Fence. We’re proud to have been serving Chicagoland since 1972—like vinyl, you can trust that we’re around for the long haul.

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