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Why Chain Link Fences Provide Good Security

Published on April 7th, 2017

Chain link fences are not always the first choice for an aesthetically pleasing fence. However, there is one large benefit to chain link fences in Chicago that makes them so popular – security. Wrought iron fences also offer homeowners strong security, however, in terms of cost effectiveness wrought iron wears a larger price tag. But what is it that makes a chain link fence secure? We have heard this statement over and over again. Let’s take a great look at the specifics of why chain link is good for security.

  1. Chain link can offer height of 6 feet or greater.
  2. Make sure that the wire thickness is at least 9-gauge.
  3. Avoid barriers when installing a fence. Barriers allow trespassers and burglars a place to hide. Chain link fences allow you to see through and be aware of any potential threats.
  4. You can replace the top rail of a chain link rail with a coil spring wire if needed. A coil spring will make it much more difficult to get over the top of the fence.
  5. String strands of barbed wire across the top of your chain link fence in Chicago for extra security. Often times, the most secure fences have a barbed wire across the top of the fence angled outward.
  6. Bury your chain link fence as much as a foot to keep intruders from crawling underneath the fence.
  7. A chain link fence in Chicago can also easily accommodate an add-on security camera and sensor.

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