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Published on August 9th, 2016

Here at Top Line Fence we have been proudly serving the Chicagoland area since 1972. As leaders in the residential and commercial fencing industry, we would like to share answers to frequently asked questions by customers.

Will a Chicago fencing company provide a permit?
Top Line Fence requires that the customer obtains the permit if required.

Will Top Line Fence clear away fence lines?
The homeowner is responsible for clearing trees, shrubs, and plants that are in the fence line. Top Line Fence is not responsible for plant damage.

Does Top Line Fence haul away dirt from holes?
The customer will be responsible for hauling away dirt. If you would like the dirt stacked in an area, we will do it for you.

How will I know what type of fence is best for me?
Price, design, maintenance, and durability are all factors that will help you determine what type of fence is best for your home. Our experienced contractors are ready to serve you by helping you determine what type of fence meets your needs.

Are locks warranted?
Top Line Fence locks are warranted for 90 days. A lock that has been forced open or broken due to vandalism is not covered by your warranty. It is common for locks to weather during extreme temperatures. To prevent freezing in the winter WD-4D spray is recommended.

What fence types do Chicago fencing companies offer?
Top Line Fence offers a full line of wrought iron railings and fencing, ornamental aluminum, ornamental iron, cedar wood, PVC vinyl, chain link, power operated gates and access control.   

What are the benefits of Chicago fencing?
There are three main benefits of residential fencing that you should keep in mind when building or buying a home: security, boosted curb appeal, and increased property value. Learn more about these benefits by visiting our blog.

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