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Choosing the Right Fence for Your Family

Published on December 28th, 2017

When you are considering a new fence for your family home, keep these factors in mind when consulting with your Chicago fence contractor:

Fences for Your Kids

Fences are a great way to keep your kids safe. For families with younger children, having a fence can add piece of mind for the parents. A well-constructed fence will keep your kids within the limits of your property and keep strangers away. Contact a professional Chicago fence contractor who can install your fence with top quality materials to ensure a strong structure.

Fences for Your Pet

The first factor to consider when contracting a fence for your pet is height. If you have a smaller dog (1-15 lbs), your dog will not likely be able to jump over a 4 ft fence. However, if you have an agile large dog (41-100 lbs), you may want to consider a fence over 5 feet for optimal safety. You should also discuss depth of the fence to ensure your dog doesn’t dig his way under the fence. Finally, you should also be sure the space between pickets is not large enough for your dog to escape or get stuck. Discuss these safety concerns and any others with your Chicago fence contractor.

Fences for Privacy

Many families want a fence to create a more secluded atmosphere in their outdoor living areas. The most traditional choices to add privacy to your yard are vinyl and wood fences. However, metal can also allow for great protection and decorative functions.

At Top Line Fence, our Chicago fence contractors can help you find the best fence materials for your family’s purpose and aesthetics. Contact us at 773-637-2122 and get started today!

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