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Comparing Barbed Wire and Razor Ribbon Fences

Published on March 16th, 2020

Two well-known security installations, used to define boundaries for both humans and animals all over the world, are barbed wire and razor ribbon fences. Our fence company near Evanston installs custom configurations of both. These two options differ in several aspects, although both have certain advantages.

Razor Ribbon Fencing

Razor ribbon fencing is one specific type of razor wire fencing that is commonly used in security applications. It’s a type of galvanized steel or stainless-steel wire tape, featuring two-sided blades in a symmetrical arrangement. Razor ribbon is exceedingly difficult to cut with hand tools, and the tensile steel construction makes it very hard to bend.

This type of fencing is typically used in security applications, to top off security fences, making it much more difficult to get into or out of a secured area without special tools. This wire is often used by the military instead of barbed wire as it is lighter and takes up less space in storage. Razor ribbon fencing is also a greater deterrent as navigating past this type of fencing is more likely to cause serious injury than climbing over barbed wire fencing.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire fencing has sharp edges or pointed barbs placed at regular intervals along a central strand. It is used the world over as animal fencing, as it works very well to keep cattle in bounds. It is also used on top of walls and to construct inexpensive fences to protect property. A person or animal crossing over barbed wire may become injured, but they are less likely to incur as serious an injury as they will climbing over razor ribbon fencing.


Razor ribbon fencing requires a bit more precision and expertise to install than does barbed wire fencing. The entire wire is very sharp, and it is not easy to bend into conformity. On the other hand, barbed wire is relatively simple to install, especially when it is installed between fence posts using staples.

Use and Maintenance

Each of these fencing materials have various potential uses. Enclosing cattle or other animals using barbed wire fencing is fairly easy. However, when it comes to utilizing either of these wires to add security to the top of a fence or wall, the use of either of them will be complicated.

As long as the fencing is installed properly, barbed wire doesn’t wear out easily or quickly. The same applies to razor ribbon fencing. However, fixing any problem with razor wire fencing of any type can be difficult due to the excess tension and lack of flexibility of the wire.


Barbed wire is a reasonably priced option, whereas razor ribbon fencing is intricately processed for efficiency and strength, making it significantly more expensive. No matter what type of fencing you are looking for, when you need to install a security fence around your property or for any type of security application, reach out to Top Line Fence. We are the premier fence company near Evanston as well as other northern suburbs. Give us a call today!

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