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Design Tips for Your Chicago Ornamental Iron Fence

Published on January 28th, 2020

Chicago ornamental iron fences are low maintenance, classy and easy to customize. Since cast iron is easy to bend and shape, it makes the perfect material for a customized fence with intricate detail. Use these design tips when planning your new iron fence. 

Consider Your Budget 

First things first, you should always consider your budget before you begin planning what your fence will look like. Chicago ornamental iron fences can range greatly in price depending on how intricate the design is. The more you customize your fence, the more it will cost per square foot. 

Don’t Skimp On Materials

Many fence companies will encourage you to pick other iron alternative materials such as steel and aluminum because they are much cheaper and just as easy to customize. However, when you skimp on the material you will probably end up paying just as much in maintenance in the long run. These other materials are far less durable than iron and are more prone to rust. 

Design Spires

There are two options you can take when designing your spires. Straight spires are square rods that give you a classic and minimalist look, while scroll or twisted spires offer an elegant feel. Choose the option that best compliments your overall fence and yard. 

Additional Decorations 

The design elements between each spire are completely up to your imagination. The more detail you add, the more privacy you create without blocking the entire view. Explore geometric, floral, simple designs and more. 

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