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Published on September 30th, 2020

Fences Serve Many Purposes

There are many ways a fence can improve your property. Fences provide privacy, distinguish property lines, increase curb appeal, and raise property value. There are an equal number of ways a fence can help protect your property, from deterring crime to keeping your pets safe.

A fence in Chicago, Illinois might surround a house, apartment building, condominium, commercial property, or other location. There are so many different types of fences in various styles that choosing one that works aesthetically for your location is usually quite easy. Deciding on the type of fence that will best suit your practical needs is also relatively simple; however, if you are trying to protect your beloved pet, deciding on the right fence might be a little more challenging.

Dog Friendly Fences

If you have a dog, you are likely interested in a fence that will  keep him safe when you let him into the yard. Dogs benefit from fences because fences provide a safe, contained environment, protecting them from  unexpected threats like bigger dogs and wild animals. They prevent them from getting lost as well as providing them with a sense of privacy and security allowing them to thoroughly  enjoy their time outside.

Choosing the best fence to protect your dog can be a tricky task. There are a few things every dog lover must consider when having a new fence installed, such as height, picket spacing, and visibility factors.

If your pet is little, worrying about the height of your fence might not be a problem. However, if your little dog is very good at jumping, or isn’t little at all, fence height can be a very important factor. A large animal might be able to walk or jump right over a fence that is too short, and some small dogs can jump quite high as well. Consider building a taller fence if your dog is large or part kangaroo.

The space between fence pickets is an important detail to consider, as well. If you have a dog who can fit between, or even under, certain types of fences, you’ll want to be certain  your new fence won’t provide an escape route. If your dog is very petite and can fit through just about anything, consider installing a fence without any spacing. You might also consider measuring the picket spaces of sample fencing and comparing the width to your dog’s body – if you prefer an open style – but make sure the spaces aren’t so small that your dog can get his paw caught.

Solid style fencing limits visibility which can create a sense of privacy for your dog. This may come in handy if your dog is frightened or agitated by passersby, other animals, or nearby traffic. Sometimes, less visibility is a good thing, not only for your dog, but also for you and your neighbors, especially if your pup tends to bark at everything that moves.. It may also protect your dog from being bothered by more aggressive dogs who walk in the neighborhood, or those who are  not well trained. 

Top Line Fence

Top Line Fence is your local source for reliable and complete installation of dog-friendly fences in Chicago, Illinois. Contact us today and we will get started on protecting your pooch before they have a chance to  run after their next squirrel.

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