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Fence Etiquette & “The Good Side”

Published on July 25th, 2019

Getting a new fence is exciting as it adds a new appeal to your property and potentially boosts your property’s value. However, as a friendly neighbor, you have to consider those that surround you. Even though the fence is in your yard, your neighbors will see it every day as well. Here are a few rules of fence etiquette you should keep in mind before you begin the installation. 

Defined Property Lines

Your property has lines to let you know where it begins and ends. Make sure your property lines are defined by checking out your house’s plat. You can get this document for free from your county’s records office or hire a land surveyor to clarify the borders of your property. This will help avoid confusion when installing a new fence. 

Talk To Your Neighbor

It’s common courtesy to talk to your neighbor and ask their opinion about property lines because it could save you future legal trouble if your neighbor eventually decides to dispute your fence placement. If your neighbor agrees with splitting the yard too, you may find that you can collaborate on the project and even split the cost in some cases.

Face The Finished Side Toward Your Neighbor

Did you know that some fences have a “finished side” that looks smoother and more polished versus the side that displays the rails and posts? The solid panel fences normally have this and the finished side of it should always face toward your neighbor. It’s polite, standard, and your property will look a lot nicer with the good side facing out toward the world. If you don’t follow this rule, your fence will look like it was invertedly installed.

Maintain Your Fence

If you want your fence to always look its best, keep it clean and don’t let the wood rot. Make sure you get a fence that you know you can maintain and if you don’t have time for cleanings, consider low-maintenance material like vinyl or aluminum. 

Are you ready to install a new fence? Contact your fence company in Chicago, Top Line Fence, and we are happy to walk you through your options and make sure the installation process goes smoothly. 

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