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Published on April 29th, 2019

When you first look into getting a new fence installed or replacing an old one, there are many questions you are going to have. Some frequently asked questions often include things such as when is the best time of year to build, how tall can the fence be, how much will it cost, and which material is going to be the best choice for me?

What Logistics Should be Considered?

Questions regarding permits, height limitations, gas line obstruction, and property lines will often depend on where you plan on building your fence. Chicago has different regulations than its surrounding suburbs, and fence companies servicing Wilmette will have to follow different rules than if they were building in Park Ridge. Gas lines must be avoided when building a fence line and therefore you need to learn whether or not they are present on your property before building.

What Time of Year is Best?

You may also wonder what time of year is the best time to build your fence. In Wilmette and other areas in Chicagoland, it is best to avoid building in winter and very wet times of the year where the earth is soggy or muddy. Weather will also help determine what kind of material you choose, as certain kinds will require more maintenance than others. Your personal taste and security needs will also weigh in on this decision. Wood fences are generally more aesthetically universal than chain link, but sometimes chain link fences can be built higher than wood or vinyl fencing. Wrought iron is a beautiful option in many cases but the price will be higher than other materials.

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Another question many people ask is how much will their new fence cost to build? That depends on numerous variables including material, size, how long the project will take, and the style of the fence. You will want to make sure you ask your preferred fence company what quality materials they use and what their warranties are. Determining an estimate from your preferred fence company is important in order to compare prices, so be sure to ask for a quote before choosing a fence company in Wilmette. At Top Line Fence you can call (773)-637-2122 and receive a free quote today.

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