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How to Keep Your Fence Looking Like New

Published on September 27th, 2018

A fence serves a variety of purposes for your home or business, including privacy and security. Top Line Fence is a fence company near Evanston that understands the importance of a fence and keeping it looking like new.


Before having your fence installed, make sure to select an appropriate material that is able to withstand the weather. When choosing a wood fence, ensure that it is pressure treated so that the fence is protected against moisture and insects. If the wooden panels of your fence have not been pre-treated, any contact with water will speed up the rotting process. To prolong the life of your wooden fence, apply a water-repelling acrylic or oil-based stain.


To clean wrought iron fences, use a solution of soapy water and a sponge. Wrought iron fences are highly likely to rust when they come in contact with water. To remove rust from a small area, use a wire brush to scrape the rust away. After scraping, wipe the entire area down with a damp cloth using the same solution you use to clean. Apply a metal primer and a coat of rust-resistant paint to reduce the chance of reoccurring rust.


If you did not treat your wood fence with the proper paints and stains, shrubs and vines can cause wood rot due to the moisture in the plants. If you notice algae growing on your fence, use a pressure washer to remove it. The force of the water removes the growth and will leave your fence looking like new!

As a fence company near Evanston, Top Line Fence works with our clients to design the perfect fence for their home or business. Call or visit us today to start designing your next fence!

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