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Published on August 28th, 2018

Indoor fencing may seem like a strange concept to some, but for many businesses, it is just another necessity.  Indoor fencing allows businesses as well as individuals to create a cage or fence indoors. This can be helpful for law enforcement, storage facilities and many other businesses. Contact your fence contractor near Skokie to begin your indoor security fencing plan.

Features and Benefits

Indoor wire security has a simple design that requires few parts, which makes installation, additions or removal an easy process. The fencing is usually configured into cages that are installed by stacking the panels to heavy-duty posts, which are then connected to a security gate. These panels can easily be configured into any layout you desire. The panels are also available in different heights and widths in order to produce the ideal configuration for your business.

Who Needs It

Indoor security fencing is usually made into cages to secure an area or items. For a loading dock, an indoor wire security gate can prevent unwanted individuals from entering and wandering around your premises. For law enforcement, a wire cage can be used for the storage of evidence and other controlled substances. They can also be used as minimum security holding cells for temporary holds at arenas, airports and other public locations. These fences can be found in many different storage facilities because of their ability to be configured into different shapes and sizes.

If you are interested in installing an indoor security fence, call Top Line Fence today for a free quote. As you fence contractor near Skokie, we strive to fulfill your vision.

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