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Prepare Your Fence For Fall

Published on September 13th, 2016

As we wave farewell to Summer 2016, it is time to prepare our homes for fall and winter in Chicago. Without proper preparation and care, your wood fence may not survive the harsh conditions. If you have lived in Chicago for many years, you know how frigid temperatures can get and how many feet of snow we can collect. Never rule out rain, which is common in fall. To avoid problems such as rotting, fading, mildew, UV damage, nail pops, and warped boards, check out these steps to prepare your fence for fall.

    1. Inspect your fence for damage: Often times, fences can show signs of rot due to summer rainfall or too much UV exposure. Signs of rot include boards caving in, posts that are loose or wobbly, and gates that are not closing properly. A fence that is rotting will not be prepared to handle snow. Rusty latches are also something to look out for and replace.
    2. Waterproof your fence: In the circumstance that your wood fence is not showing signs of rot, then it is likely to last another season. It is a great idea to be proactive and waterproof your fence so that it will not be at risk for rot in the future. If you have a vinyl fence, you do not need to worry as they are already waterproof. To check if your wood fence is waterproof perform a “splash test”. If the water gets absorbed or darkens the wood, you will need to apply a layer of sealant or waterproof stain.
    3. Keep leaves away from the fence: Raking leaves is always the first task that comes to mind when doing yard work. When raking leaves it is very important that you do not rake leaves against your fence. Leaves collect moisture which can cause your fence to rot if it is wood. If your fence is vinyl, algae can begin to grow on the fence.

Enjoy Fall And Leave Repairs and Replacement To Top Line Fence

If you notice any damage as you prepare your fence for fall, contact Top Line Fence. We are a second generation family-owned business, and we want you to spend time with your family and enjoy the fall season. We take great pride in helping homeowners with all aspects of their fencing needs, whether you are in need of a replacement, installation, or repair. Our experienced contractors are ready to serve you and take away the heavy lifting. Call us today at (773) 637-2122.

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