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Prepping Your Fence for Snow

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To keep your fence in top condition, you will need to be prepared for the snowy months. If you do not want to have to call a fence repair company around Chicago, then follow these fence tips to keep your fence looking great all year:

Wood Fence Prep:

Wood fences are the most susceptible to damage from snow. They have a higher potential to rot and form mildew if they are not properly maintained. Before it snows, check to see if your wood fence has any soft spots. Contact a fence repair company around Chicago like Top Line Fence to help you replace any boards with damage. If you let these damaged boards continue to rot throughout the winter months, you could risk contaminating even more of your fence thus creating an even more expensive repair project come spring time.

Vinyl Fence Prep:

Although vinyl fences conveniently do not rot like wooden fences, heavy snow and ice can still cause visual damage to the fence’s aesthetic. Be sure to brush off any snow from the top of your vinyl fence after a big snowfall, and shovel away large bulks of snow from the bottom supporting posts of your fence so they do not soften. If your vinyl fence begins to sag or even crack, contact our fence repair company around Chicago for a quick restoration.

Aluminum Fence Prep:

Aluminum fences will also not rot like wooden fenced, but it may be susceptible to weak footings if the ground cannot withstand cold temperatures. Periodically inspect your fence to ensure it has a sturdy foundation to the ground to ensure the best protection for your property.

If your home or business needs a fence repaired, contact Top Line Fence to restore your fence and keep your property safe.

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