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The Top Fence Maintenance Tips

Published on September 23rd, 2019

Depending on what type of material your fencing is, our harsh Midwestern winters and unpredictable summers can take a toll on your fence. Although spring is a great time to refresh your fencing, if you haven’t gotten around to it, autumn provides plenty of warm weather to get the job done. 


The first step in fence maintenance is always giving your fence a thorough cleaning. Some fences will come clean with a garden hose, some mild detergent, and a couple of rags. Tougher stains may require a toothbrush, wire brush, or power washing. Always let the fence dry completely before applying any type of coating.


It’s always a good idea to inspect your fence in the springtime, however, if you didn’t have a chance, now is a perfect time. Check for rusted iron, crooked fence posts, or warped wood. 


If your inspection turns up any problem areas, it’s time to repair them. If it is a small area, you may be able to correct loose or bent fencing by hammering and cajoling the post back into place yourself. However, if the damage is serious, you will want to call a Chicago fencing professional from Top Line Fence and have it professionally repaired. 

Rust Removal

If you have metal fencing, it is imperative to remove any rust that may have formed on your fence. Using a steel wool pad or a piece of sandpaper will work well to remove rust from weathered areas. 


The final step of fence maintenance is to protect your fence for the harsh winter ahead. If your fencing is iron, you can apply wax to prevent rust, the weatherproof stain will help extend the life of your wood fence, and a good goat of paint will provide protection from the elements no matter what type of fencing material you have.

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