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What Fence Materials are Most Durable?

Published on May 2nd, 2018

It’s no secret that Chicago residents experience extreme temperatures and weather conditions throughout each season. Blistering heat in the summer, frigid snow and ice in the winter and tons of rain and wind in the spring. Just as your house needs to be able to hold up in all weather conditions, your fence should do the same. Take advantage of our fence contractor in Skokie; our experienced professionals can guide you in the right direction if you’re hoping to build a durable fence that will last for years to come. The following fence materials will hold strong in any weather condition.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Wood has long been used as a reliable fencing material. While wood itself is a durable material that can endure many weather conditions, pressure-treated wood is also a great fencing option. So, what exactly is pressure-treated wood? It is wood that has been treated with chemical preservatives that help fend off termites, rotting and fungal decay. Because of the chemicals, you can expect the wood to last for multiple decades! Generally speaking, pressure-treated wood is affordable and low maintenance as well. And, if you’re thinking pressure-treated wood is too harsh and unnatural, know that there are eco-friendly options available as well.


Fences made from vinyl may require a bit more maintenance and upkeep than pressure-treated wood, but they generally last anywhere from 20-30 years. Our fence contractor in Skokie knows that vinyl fences are also durable when it comes to appearance. Don’t expect this material to peel, chip, crack or blister despite the wide variety of weather conditions it will face throughout its lifetime. Vinyl is also known for being fire-resistant as well as pest-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damage from bugs like termites.

Chain Link

Our fence contractor in Skokie recommends chain link as another durable fencing material. This is a classic fence material that has been and relied on for many years by people around the globe. Chain-link fences are known to be durable year-round and they require minimal upkeep and maintenance. These are also especially ideal for enclosing pools or outdoor spaces like courtyards.

If you’re in need of a durable fence material, contact Top Line Fence today! You won’t regret working with our knowledgeable fence contractor in Skokie, as we do our best to make the experience hassle-free every step of the way.

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