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Wood Fence Vs. Chain Link Fence

Published on June 16th, 2016

When you are planning to install a fence around your home’s perimeter you will be faced with many options. The most common types of residential fences are chain link and wood. When you are driving through your neighborhood you are bound to see several chain link and wood fences.
How will you decide which type of fence is best for your home? The decision will come down to multiple factors such as the cost, design, and maintenance.

Price Comparison

Typically, a wood fence will be more costly than a chain link fence. Chain link fences are easier to install, however, keep in mind there will be separate costs for metal stakes, brackets, corner adapters, galvanized posts, and gates. In contrast, a wood fence will cost you a bit more, as it is a rarer material. Keep in mind that the size of your yard, style of fence, and the type of wood will play a large role.

Fence Design

The hardest part of home remodeling is balancing design and function. Wood will out shine chain link almost every time when it comes to design. When you choose to work with chain link you are restricted to a few colors. There are several different woods to choose from for wood fences and numerous styles to get creative with.

Maintenance Comparison

Conversely, chain-link will outweigh wood when it comes to maintenance. Chain link is very low maintenance once they are installed. Wood fences require monitoring and pristine maintenance. You will need to repaint and stain every few years, clean the fence every few months, check for nails and replace, and if you use concrete fence posts, you will need to caulk between each post and wood panel.


It is a fact that metal will last longer than wood, as it does not have to deal with issues such as rot and termites. Typically, every chain link fence is galvanized which will extend its lifespan. Wood fences, as mentioned above, require much more maintenance from their owners.

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