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Your Gothic home is not complete without the appropriate fence to go with it. You’ve done the hard work creating your beautiful home, but you need a fence that will complement your house in just the right way.

When selecting a fence to match your gothic home you’ll need to consider multiple factors. Aesthetics are important, but you also want a fence that serves your personal needs. Do you want to showcase the home or do you want privacy? Do you have pets and children to keep inside or do you just want others to keep out?

Whatever your answers, there is a fence that fits your needs. We’ve written this post to make sure you get the perfect fence for your home.

Gothic Picket Fence

The gothic picket fence is characterized by square pointed tops on each post. They also have unique spear topped pickets periodically. This fence is a great option to allow people passing by to enjoy the beauty of your home. Pets and children will be safe inside as the boards are very close together. And unwanted guests won’t be able to trudge across your lawn. The fence lacks in privacy but makes up for it in aesthetics.

Iron Fence in Skokie

Iron fences in Skokie go great with Gothic homes. The skinny vertical iron complements the Gothic design perfectly. Much taller, this fence is excellent for keeping pets and children inside while still not compromising aesthetics. Thanks to the spread outposts, people can still marvel at your home while not having access to your lawn. Iron fences are very customizable so you can get any design you can imagine.

Redwood Fence

While the other two fences are more traditionally used, a redwood fence does have one distinct advantage—privacy. Homeowners looking for privacy can do no better than a redwood fence. With its tight board pattern and height, it prevents any outsiders from looking in. This can turn your backyard into the perfect getaway space. To maintain the gothic aesthetics, this fence can be modified to include square pointed tops and periodic spear topped pickets.

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