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Height Limitations for Fences

There are many different kinds of fences, from vinyl to wood and metal varieties, such as chain link or wrought iron. The myriad of differences between materials affects the resulting style of any fence. Ornamental iron fences can have curves and decorative designs, while wood fences can have large gaps between the posts or close laid panels to offer more privacy. Chain link fences are fairly uniform, but they can be low to the ground or very tall for optimum security.

Whichever kind of fence you decide to invest in, you will need to learn about the rules and regulations in your neighborhood before building your new fence. Chicago fencing is a popular endeavor, especially for those who have children and pets they want to keep safe, or yards they want to turn into beautiful getaways from the noise and hustle and bustle of the city.

Regulations and limitations vary from county to county. You will need to find out things such as how far from the property line must you build your fence, whether there are any bans on particular materials in your area, do your neighbors approve of the design you have in mind, and how tall or short can your fence be. When it comes to Chicago fencing, being prepared is the most important thing before starting your project.

Height Limitations

Height limitations in Chicago are fairly simple. Maximum height is eight feet for fences with an open structure, but the limit is lowered to six feet for solid structures. Rules can vary for suburbs of Chicagoland, such as Park Ridge where the maximum height is five feet with extenuating variables which may lower or raise the limit. Suburbs like Glenview and Skokie also have varying height limitations, and these kinds of regulations are subject to change, so no matter where you live it is important to check with the right authorities to figure out what is allowed in your neighborhood before you start on your project.

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