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Pools and Fencing Laws in Chicago and Surrounding Cities

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At Top Line Fence, we are experienced fence contractors that can help you understand swimming pool guidelines. According to the Chicago Building Code, it is mandatory that any private residential swimming pools with a depth greater than 4 feet must comply with the following permit guidelines:

The Fence Must Completely Enclose the Perimeter of the Pool

Any swimming pool in Skokie, Evanston, Glenwood and surrounding Chicago cities must be completely enclosed by a fence erected along the perimeter of the pool walks. The side of your home can also act as a barrier. However, the fence must to connected to your home’s structure to cover all other exposed perimeters of the pool. For optimal safety, be sure that any entrance into the pool has a lock inaccessible by small children.

The Fence and Gates Must be 5 Feet in Height

It is a standard to have your pool’s fence be at least 5 feet tall. At Top Line Fence, we can ensure your fence will meet the height regulation while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic to match your home in Skokie or surrounding cities.

All gates must be equipped with self-closing and self-latching devices placed at the top of the gate and made inaccessible to small children.

Although you may not have small children, this guideline is still an important one to follow as it ensures the safety of children in your neighborhood. Our staff at Top Line Fence offers quality gates and latches for optimal security around your pool.

All fence posts shall be decay or corrosion resistant and shall be set in concrete bases.

A successful pool barrier prevents a child from getting over, under, or through it. A concrete base is incredibly important to ensure the structure is physically solid so no unsupervised children can move past it.

Fence Contractors in Skokie, Evanston, Glenwood, and Surrounding Cities

At Top Line Fence, we are committed to creating high quality fences that successfully meet the mandatory Chicago Building Code guidelines. Contact us to build a fence that is city approved and is also aesthetically pleasing to your home and yard. Our experienced and caring staff is prepared to take care of your fence process from beginning to end. Whether it is a fence around your pool, garden, or front yard, we can help get you the protection of your property you need. Contact us today to get started!


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