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Arlington Heights Fence Regulations

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What You Need to Know

When you decide to replace your existing fence, or install an entirely new one, you may find you have to adhere to certain rules and regulations in your area. The team at Top Line Fence is here to help you decide on the best fencing option for your needs, while also adhering to any laws or codes for fencing projects in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Arlington Heights Fence Permits

To start, fencing projects in Arlington Heights, IL require a building permit, as is the case in most areas throughout Chicagoland. This permit fee costs $40, and any revisions that are made by the Village may take 10 working days to process.

According to the Arlington Heights Municipal Code, contractors working in the Village “must obtain a contractor’s license and/or present proof of registration to work in the Village in accordance with the Arlington Heights Municipal Code.” If any of the contractors on the job, including subcontractors, are changed, then the applicant must supply the Village with a letter documenting the replacement.

There are inspection requirements for the proposed fencing installations in Arlington Heights, as well. A large project may require additional inspections beyond the required standard.

Arlington Heights Fence Code Requirements

Fencing projects in Arlington Heights, IL are mandated to comply with Section 6.13 of Chapter 28 of the Arlington Heights Municipal Code, under Zoning Regulations.

These regulations contain a number of particulars that residents must abide by in order to have any type of fence installed. For example, certain fencing materials are prohibited, such as barbed wire, and others are only allowed if they meet certain requirements. Solid fencing is only permitted in certain zoning districts, and where otherwise permitted as listed in Chapter 28. Slatted chain link fencing is only permitted in two districts, and only for business properties and dumpsters.

Additionally, there are various height and visibility requirements, placement regulations (i.e. exterior side yards VS front and rear yards), wire gauge specifications, safety hazard regulations, etc.

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In order to ensure your fencing project goes off without a hitch, the team at Top Line Fence is here to provide the design, layout, and structure that will meet all the requirements established by the Village of Arlington Heights Municipal Code. We’ve been helping property owners with commercial and residential fencing projects since 1972.

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