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Benefits of Installing a Fence During the Winter

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As fence contractors in Wilmette, we know that finding the right time to get a new fence can be tricky. But when trying to decide the best time to put in a new fence, it’s important to consider your ideal timeline. You might think the best time to install a fence is during the warmer spring or summer months. But based on our experience, the best time of year to install a new fence is actually winter.

Here are the benefits of installing a new fence in the cold, winter months.

It Saves Money

There are many discounts financially to installing your fence in the winter months. A lot of people choose warmer months to get a new fence, so they don’t have to deal with bad weather conditions, so business picks up during these months. We love being busy, so to ensure this, we want to make sure we are giving you a good deal financially.

It Shortens Your Timeline

Because we are less busy during the winter months, our crews will be able to dedicate a bigger chunk of time to your fencing project. It’s also important to factor in any bureaucratic codes that you have to meet. Getting permission from the city is much easier to do when they aren’t swamped with a ton of requests.

There’s Less Landscape Damage

Your plants will be dormant in the cold winter months, so they will be less affected than if you were to dig them up in the summer months. Bushes near where the fence will be can also be trimmed or even relocated without causing any damage during winter months as well. If you need to install new plants because of your fence, you can get a jump start by re-planting early.

Your grass will be dormant so our fence contractors in Wilmette will cause less overall damage to your lawn as well.

You Can Enjoy Warm Weather in Your New Yard

Getting a new fence isn’t exactly a small undertaking. We understand that it’s a commitment. But by acting on it in winter, you’ll be able to enjoy your yard in the spring and summer months instead of dealing with the negative side effects.

If you have questions about getting a new fence or your fencing timeline, contact our fence contractors in Wilmette today!

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